New stamps

All of this year’s stamps are inserted in the Yearbook in resealable mounts.

€53.07 (kr. 398.00)

The Year Pack contains all the stamps of the year

€45.67 (kr. 342.50)

Edward Fuglø has designed this years Christmas Seals

The sheet shows the two Faroese Santa figures Greytasleikur and Kertustubbi


€40 (kr. 30.00)

Set with three Christmas cards

€3.33 (kr. 25.00)

The motifs of the three Christmas decorations are the churches of Hoyvík, Sandur and Haldarsvík.

€12.67 (kr. 95.00)

Date of issue: 24.09.2014

In early August 1914, disturbing news reached the Faroe Islands that

a great war had started on the European mainland

€4.27 (kr. 32.00)

Date of issue: 24.09.2014

D. J. Danielsen’s crucial role in events that

changed the course of history of the Congo


€3.33 (kr. 25.00)

Date of issue: 24.09.2014

On June 6th 70 years have passed since the infamous D-day. The day when

Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of Normandy, took place

€3.47 (kr. 26.00)

Date of issue: 24.09.2014

The second issue with the Christmas Gospel as a theme. This time the motifs show the angels and the shepherds


€30 (kr. 22.50)

Date of issue: 24.09.14

Booklet with eight stamps

€12 (kr. 90.00)

”Beautiful Corners of Europe 5.”


€16 (kr. 120.00)

Date of issue: 01.10.2014

The first Faroese stamps were issued in January 1975

€4.27 (kr. 32.00)
€2.4 (kr. 18.00)

Date of issue: 11.06.2014

Joint issue together with Denmark and Greenland


€1.93 (kr. 14.50)

Date of issue: 11.06.2014

Stamp booklet with eight self adhesive stamps.

€7.73 (kr. 58.00)

This elegant Souvenir Folder will be issued together with the stamps.

€6.8 (kr. 51.00)

Date of issue: 28.04.2014

The stamps show the Faroese Symphony Orchestra

€4.53 (kr. 34.00)

Date of issue: 28.04.2014

Sheet FO 786

€38.67 (kr. 290.00)

Date of issue: 28.04.2014

Sheet FO 787

€52 (kr. 390.00)

Date of issue: 28.04.2014

The stamps show the lighthouses in Akraberg,

Stóra Dímun and Toftir


€6.27 (kr. 47.00)

Date of issue: 28.04.2014

Stamp booklet with six self adhesive stamps

€12.53 (kr. 94.00)
€38.67 (kr. 290.00)
€41.33 (kr. 310.00)
€45.33 (kr. 340.00)

Date of issue: 17.03.2014

The ferry Norröna goes into her second decade as the undisputed

queen of the North Atlantic.

€3.87 (kr. 29.00)

Nordic folder 2014: Ships

€18 (kr. 135.00)

Date of issue: 26.02.2014

The legend of the Lady of Húsavík

€40 (kr. 30.00)

Date of issue: 26.02.2014

They look like something that came from foreign galaxies

€9.07 (kr. 68.00)

Date of issue: 26.02.2014

The only Faroese rose. Since it does not flower every

year, it is a delightful sight to see it bloom.

€1.93 (kr. 14.50)
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